POW Gloves

One of the fastest growing glove brands in the world

Born in the Pacific Northwest & "Built to Last"


Services//Development - (Graphic Viewpoint)
Launched//December 2010
Visit Site//powgloves.com


POW Gloves is based out of the Pacific Northwest and is one of the fastest growing glove brands in the world with distribution in over 38 countries. In 2010, the company was growing extremely fast but their digital presence was still heavily Flash-based and lacked searchable content. Being a longtime snowboarder and friend of POW gloves since the beginning, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them. In collaboration with the Art Director, I developed the entire site for two winter seasons.

Since POW was already a well-recognized brand in the industry, we literally watched their search results dramatically increase overnight and growth continued in the following two winters. Establishing a web presence has been an essential and rewarding tool for the company’s growth and helped them become the successful brand that they are.